Grip-N-Guard Self-Adhering Masking Film

Grip-N-Guard Product Info
Grip-N-Guard is currently available in .4 mil, 12 ft. x 200 ft. and 9 ft. x 400 ft. easy-dispense rolls.
Grip-N-Guard Product


Grip-N-Guard Product Info

Product Information

Professional protection for all painting, construction and remodeling jobs.

Grip-N-Guard is a new, multi-layer high-density polyethylene film specially designed for painting, construction, remodeling and home improvement projects.

Grip-N-Guard clings to virtually any surface with minimal or no taping required. The outer surface of Grip-N-Guard has been tested to retain dust 3 ½ times better than most plastic drop cloths. Dust, paint, sawdust and other airborne particles cling to the Grip-N-Guard surface and are not reintroduced to the area during repositioning or cleanup. That means less clean up time, lower costs and higher profits.